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Global Relocation Trends - Spotlight Report

procurement and mobilityMobility and Procurement: A Vital Partnership

The procurement of mobility services has a number of unique aspects. The combination of the high cost of both domestic and international relocation and assignments, along with the high visibility of the mobility program in most organizations, means that a more systematic approach to sourcing and managing mobility support services has been a welcome development. On the other hand, the procurement of mobility services is not without its challenges.

As the number and types of policies that support mobility proliferate in order to provide the flexibility demanded by business, an accurate assessment of these costs becomes complex. It remains safe to say, however, that the combination of direct costs as well as the general fixed costs of supporting mobility programs are significant, making it clear why corporate leaders stay focused on managing employee mobility costs. Procurement and employee mobility, then, make an excellent pairing for the application of strategic sourcing for the provision of outsourced employee mobility support services.

Based on interviews with procurement professionals from large corporations as well as Brookfield GRS leadership, this report explores the key elements of corporate procurement, how procurement services apply to the realm of employee mobility services, and what procurement professionals who are experienced in securing employee mobility services identify as the most critical elements and successful practices.

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